Sky’s the Limit plan


Sky's the Limit plan, $77.00 per month residential only

This is a plan designed for our heaviest residential users.  If you don't want any overage fees, this one is for you!

While this plan has no overage fees, it has a lower data priority than our 60, 200 and 400 GB plans.  That means that you may see a slow down during our busy times usually around the 8:30 p.m. time nightly.  The download rate is capped at 8 Mb/s and the upload rate at 2 Mb/s.  Also, as quality is our priority, we do monitor users of this plan for abusive usage activity.  We reserve the right to terminate services if we feel this plan is being exploited.  We can certainly make recommendations on all of our plans to provide high quality internet usage while minimizing what you are being charged by some very simple settings changes to the programs that are consuming most of your data.

You may change your plans up or down at no charge.

This plan is neither offered for business nor with Bullitt phone service. This plan is not compatible with Bullitt services co-located within the same building.

Sky's the limit