300 GB Plan


Middle Road, 300GB plan, $44.00 per month residential

This is our middle level plan for those who want to stay in touch and use the internet, but have higher video viewing needs.  There is more than enough data available for web surfing, email and social media uses, but also allows for a couple of movies a night.  It is more than three times the data of our 100 GB plan for only $11.00 more.  All of this happens at a fast 30 MB/s download and 10 MB/s upload rate.

If you go over 300GB in your billing cycle, you will be billed $13.00 for an additional 100GB.  You may change your plans up or down at no charge.

If you suspect that you may need more, check out our 600GB plan with double times data for only $11.00 per month more.

If this is for your business, please add $5.00 per month for this service.

200 GB plan