Business solutions

High Speed Internet, Telephone and
Website Hosting

FAST internet

20 Mb/s aggregate speed

Your personal Speed & quality

home connection

Internet from $29/month or add telephone for $19/month plus tax.

Bullitt High Speed Internet Service

Fast download and upload speeds
at an affordable price

Choose your plan based on your usage.  Everyone gets FAST speeds!  Expect 15 Mb/s download and 5 Mb/s upload.  Ping times are some of the lowest in the valley!

Equipment, Installation and Setup

$99.00 Install
Our installation team will provide a quick professional installation ensuring you years of consistent service.

Customer support

Service when it counts.
Get your questions answered quickly without navigating voice mail jungles.

No Long Term Contract

Rest Easy.
Just give us 30 days notice prior to disconnection.

Internet service starting at $29.00

   Add a telephone line for $19.00

Call us for details, 756-INET (4638)

We found a great post. I have reprinted it below with permission...

"To any of my local friends - If you are tired of paying a bundle of money for crappy DSL internet service, try Bullitt Communications. They are a great service for people like me that are too far out for cable and for whom DSL was one of the only choices. I upgraded today, and am getting 10x download speeds and 20x upload speeds over DSL - for the exact same monthly cost! Loving Bullitt Communications"

And we love our CUSTOMERS! Check out his download speeds below! Got to love that ping time! Bullitt is on the bottom.