Ok, well, not me.  I did not attend U of M and really don’t like to watch sports… of any kind.  That is not the case for my wife. She loves it.  Being married to a cheap husband has cost her years of missing various sporting events because of my not wanting to pay to watch commercials i.e. cable and satellite.  We have received local off air programming and Netflix for years.

Enter sling.com.  Now she can watch ESPN in all of its glory! – almost all.  We had a game between Liberty and the Grizzlies yesterday.  She found that it was being aired on ESPN 3 but it wasn’t playing on ESPN via sling.com.  Because we had an account with sling.com, I downloaded the watchESPN app on her tablet, logged in with our sling.com credentials and Voila she was able to watch the Grizzlies get defeated.  It turns out she still wasn’t very happy, but I am sure the Grizzlies will do much better next time.

If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

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