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This week we are announcing our new secure KID SAFE and KID SAFE+ programs with our new managed router program. If you are enrolled in our $4.00 per month managed router program, KID SAFE is included. This program monitors unlimited children and devices. KID SAFE includes the following: Manage screen timeFilter which websites your kids…
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Instant Hacker!

This last weekend, I went to a new customer location and began programming a router to automatically move traffic over to Bullitt when their legacy provider failed. I was plugged in with my laptop programming the local area network configuration, I fired up the Bullitt port and was beginning on working on the port for…
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Vivaldi and Firefox, and; PRIVACY MATTERS!

I have been playing with Firefox and Vivaldi as private browsers recently and am very happy with Vivaldi.  While Firefox has been around for a long time and I have used it frequently, it has a tendency to become slow and unresponsive.  Vivaldi works on Windows and Linux machines but not on Android.  Firefox works…
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The call that I received last weekend: I had a pleasant call from a gentlemen last weekend who asked if our company supported ROBO calls. I said, "No" and asked why. He indicated that he was ROBO called from one of our numbers. The offending ROBO spoofed one of our numbers to call this very…
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