Surcharges Everywhere!

I was in Spokane a couple of months ago clothes shopping with my wife and enjoying the day. I made a minimal purchase and noticed a surcharge for the bag with which I had planned on carrying my loot out of the store. This is the result of a new law enacted by the State of Washington to encourage customers to bring and reuse their own bags.

In this time of inflation however many are resorting to all kinds of surcharges. With the price of gas being so volatile, UPS and FedEx have had gas surcharges for years; this I understand.

Now I am finding surcharges on credit card fees when I dine or when I pay a bill. This credit card fee also occurs with many internet providers.

Disposal waste surcharges are found on the mechanic’s bill.

As an aside, when I order, pick up my food and throw away my trash at a restaurant, they are trying to guilt me into a minimum of a 20% gratuity. I waited tables during college and earned my gratuity. This is unearned income for the restaurant staff and a bit intimidating; but I tip appropriately to the service I receive.

One restaurant chain has been toying with food pickup fees…. REALLY?

Check out the resort fees/parking fees/taxes when you stay at an out of town hotel!

Bullitt has a recovery fee to address the taxation and reporting (compliance recovery fee) for the telephone service that we provide.

In defense of SOME of these businesses, everyone wants to advertise their service/product as the least expensive. They then advertise inexpensive pricing but load up on the surcharges. For the consumer it becomes very difficult to compare pricing.

Jay mentioned that some are increasing prices AND adding surcharges.

I wish EVERYONE would just suck it up and promote the price inclusive of all of the fees. It has the smell of bait and switch pricing when surcharges are added.

I am getting in the habit of asking what surcharges there may be!


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