Instant Hacker!

This last weekend, I went to a new customer location and began programming a router to automatically move traffic over to Bullitt when their legacy provider failed. I was plugged in with my laptop programming the local area network configuration, I fired up the Bullitt port and was beginning on working on the port for the existing provider when I noticed all of these log entries showing someone trying to hack in to the router’s telnet port.

I had not seen this in a long time. How was someone getting into our network to hack this router? I took some time to investigate and was reminded that the existing provider’s network was not protected from such an attack. I RARELY see this on our network due to our security. I quickly disabled the services that were responsible for this and hardened the router security.

This brings to mind that you should always use the following to protect your router:

-Try to change the username if you can from admin to something else

-Change your password to a very secure password including numbers, letters, symbols and upper and lower case text; don’t use dictionary works.

-NEVER NEVER use your name, business name or phone number.

Check out this helpful link:

Good luck and safe internetting!


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